Friday, March 9, 2012

Run away baby...

I have a not-so-secret:  I'm running. Not just a little bit (see: triathlon training where I ignore the run portion). I'm running a lot a bit (for me). Ever since January 23rd, I've been lacing up 3x a week. It started with 2 miles - pausing for walk breaks, water stops and scenic stretching. Now, I'm up to 5 and a half! Slowly but surely, I'm working my way up to 10 miles on May 6th for the Broad Street Run.

I'm doing this for a pretty fantastic cause (visit my DetermiNation page here), but also to challenge myself in a way I've never done before. Unfortunately, I have another secret. When I get into something, I REALLY get into it. Mostly along the "if I train hard and reach my goals, I might as well look cute doing it" kinda way. Yup, clothes, sneakers, gear.... if you thought running was a cheap sport, you haven't met this girl ;)

So without further ado - please indulge my latest running window shopping obsessions ;) I'm hoping by putting them here, they won't end up in my actual closet ha!

Lululemon is a weakness of mine...

And wouldn't it be adorable with these?!

Preventing me from splurging on the run:speed shorts? The fact that they will not in fact make my tush look that fantastic. I don't care HOW magical others claim them to be ha!

I run in Asics - but how adorable are these for post run comfort or cross training?

Why no tops? Because with DetermiNation, I race in an American Cancer Society singlet, letting everyone know I am kicking cancer's butt with every step I take!

Whew... Now that those lovelies are out of my system, I can hopefully get my mind out of the closet in on to more important things ;)

Do you have any workout gear obsessions?


  1. loooove those shorts!! my obsession is under armour capris.. love those-- but i'm still on the look out for my perfect work out shoes!

  2. i ADORE running so much! i always love when i find other bloggers who like it too, ESPECIALLY when they post gear. too little of this i say! i'm about to have a baby now though, so obv haven't been able to do it in awhile...i'm so itching to get out there it's almost depressing!

  3. i'm about to have a child now though, so obv haven't been able to do it in some time. Designer Embossed Sheepskin Leather Coat may suit to you..


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