Friday, March 9, 2012

Run away baby...

I have a not-so-secret:  I'm running. Not just a little bit (see: triathlon training where I ignore the run portion). I'm running a lot a bit (for me). Ever since January 23rd, I've been lacing up 3x a week. It started with 2 miles - pausing for walk breaks, water stops and scenic stretching. Now, I'm up to 5 and a half! Slowly but surely, I'm working my way up to 10 miles on May 6th for the Broad Street Run.

I'm doing this for a pretty fantastic cause (visit my DetermiNation page here), but also to challenge myself in a way I've never done before. Unfortunately, I have another secret. When I get into something, I REALLY get into it. Mostly along the "if I train hard and reach my goals, I might as well look cute doing it" kinda way. Yup, clothes, sneakers, gear.... if you thought running was a cheap sport, you haven't met this girl ;)

So without further ado - please indulge my latest running window shopping obsessions ;) I'm hoping by putting them here, they won't end up in my actual closet ha!

Lululemon is a weakness of mine...

And wouldn't it be adorable with these?!

Preventing me from splurging on the run:speed shorts? The fact that they will not in fact make my tush look that fantastic. I don't care HOW magical others claim them to be ha!

I run in Asics - but how adorable are these for post run comfort or cross training?

Why no tops? Because with DetermiNation, I race in an American Cancer Society singlet, letting everyone know I am kicking cancer's butt with every step I take!

Whew... Now that those lovelies are out of my system, I can hopefully get my mind out of the closet in on to more important things ;)

Do you have any workout gear obsessions?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let them eat CAKE!

The boy is most excited for one event - and one event only - of the entire wedding process. Cake. Tasting.

I'm not quite sure what I want our cake to taste like- preferably something light in the hot July heat- but I sure as heck know what I want it to look like! No fondant here. I want gorgeous layers of buttercream, flowers, and a romantic vintage vibe. Here are a few of my favorites that I have gathered on Pinterest.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cozy home

We had a guest over this weekend and I realized while cleaning- our house still needs to be more of a home. We have the necessities- couch, tables, chairs.... but not enough cozy. Not enough character. I partially blame this on Nicole of LovelyGirls - who has the most gorgeous style and made me want to redecorate immediately after our meeting last week. But I digress. This week has me longing for those extra touches... bowls instead of stacks of magazines. More candles, less clutter!

Source: via Devon on Pinterest

Source: via Devon on Pinterest

Monday, January 9, 2012

Maybe I should get back on the mat...

I always say how much better I feel when I practice yoga regularly. Not just in my bedroom, but carving out the time and schlepping off to the studio. This video made me think twice. And maybe bedroom morning asanas are enough? haha kidding!

Side note- now the boy wants to join an Equinox gym. If only there was one remotely near us!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Perfect "His and Hers"

Today, I ran around a few stores with my momma to round out our registry. The boy is VERY involved with all aspects of the wedding, which I adore! But- when it comes to shopping, he likes to see 3 choices and pick the one he likes. We are trying to stay away from unnecessary frivolities, but I couldn't resist these old fashioned glasses from Kate Spade. Won't they be the perfect addition to our whiskey date nights on the couch?

Source: via Devon on Pinterest

I think the boy will love them :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Real Motivational Poster

Thank you Runners World

I love this. I also cannot WAIT until I can actually use all of my fitness-centric Christmas gifts- cold weather pullovers, running gloves and a race belt. Santa brought me a pretty hefty fever this year with a stocking full of coughing (not coal!). I'm on the mend, and I may still make the New Years Day 5K I had on my schedule. But for now, wearing those cute pullovers on the couch will just have to do ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For the Boys

Yesterday, I was looking through the gift guides over at A Cup of Jo and found quite possibly, the perfect groomsman gift. I always thought engraved flasks were a cheapo and cheesy gift, but this one is chic and classy. And they would make for a great boys photo op :)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ok, so I'm a little late on the Stylemint bandwagon, but I finally bit on a 30% off deal over Cyber Monday and couldn't resist!

I signed up a few months ago, but couldn't fully justify $29.99 for a t shirt- even if it was designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. On one hand, it's a great opportunity to get a "designer look", but some of the shirts looked like something I could find at Target. With the Cyber Monday deal, I came across the super popular Lincoln shirt, and it's draped dolman sleeves and versatile gray hue pulled me in.

Source: via Devon on Pinterest

Based on the sizing, I went with a 2, and I should have gone up to a 3 to get some more length. That being said, the 2 fits great through the body and is one of the softest t's I could ask for. To keep the fit, this shirt is going in my "hand wash only" rotation, which may be a turn off for some.

No self photos today, but I'll try to get one up as soon as my closet doesn't look like Operation Christmas is using it as headquarters!

*full disclosure: if you sign up through my Stylemint link, I get a free credit (aka shirt!). You don't have to sign up through me, but it would be really nice of you if you decide to :)