Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunny day wants

I feel SO alive today! 6 am spin class with my little sister got me going (LOVE the crazy instructor that picked on me the entire class), and the promise of sunshine this afternoon is making me happy. Then again, I could just be amped on coffee ;)

Even though I am going to be stuck in a semi boring work wardrobe this afternoon watching some lax bros battle it out, I have an a few pieces in mind that would be perfect for the sunny days ahead.

Ralph Lauren Color Block Sunglasses

Alicia Patio Dress from Banana Republic (Reportedly seen purchased by the lovely Kate Middleton)

JCrew's new Cecilia Dress (the orange color scares me a little online, but the SA said it's gorgeous in person!)

Ecote Strappy Sandals from Urban Outfitters

Since it's this girl's birthday in one week (and I'm getting ready to head to sunny Alabama), a shopping trip may be in store! What's on your spring shopping list?


  1. Can someone PLEASE tell me the model number for the Ralph small color block sunglasses? I've been searching forever!

  2. it should be "ralph(enter number here)" ... been wanting to order it from my optician but I was told I needed the MODEL number, not the STYLE number to track down the sunglasses. Who would have thought a pair of sunglasses could cause me so much stress? lol

  3. Anon- I can only find the style number on the Nordstrom site, but they have great CS! Try calling in with the style number and I am sure an associate would look it up for you :)

  4. Thank you! Finally got the model number (RA5084 if anyone else wants to know!)
    Can't wait for them to come in ... even though they're supposedly the same size as my RayBan Wayfarers, the fit much better. Now i can finally switch em up! :)


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