Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Love Letters

Over the last few days, I have been writing thank you notes here and there for engagement and birthday gifts (8 days til 26!). Email is fine and dandy, but wedding browsing has made me realize how lovely a hand written note can be. It's also made me realize how expensive it is to have someone do that writing for you (helllloooo calligraphy!)

Since all the etiquette books say "no labels" and I don't have an endless supply of money or pretty handwriting, I started looking into custom return address stamps. I'm not sure which way we will go- custom calligraphy or something simpler with a hint of whimsy- but how cute are these?!

Source: via Devon on Pinterest

Source: via Devon on Pinterest

I'm a little partial to selections 1 and 2, but with using our first names. It will allow us to use the stamp while sending out invites and again for thank yous and throughout the time we live here!

Another fun idea- Embossing...

The down side being you can't be flexible with your placement.

Have you tried the stamp route before? I love that I can potentially change ink colors up too depending on what I use for envelopes!

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