Friday, June 10, 2011

JCrew round 2- Rumi and Shoreline Stripe Dresses

Good morning!

Two more JCrew reviews for you- because you know I can't walk into a dressing room empty handed. Even at a way to high for me price point ($118), I snagged the Rumi dress on my way towards the back. Why? Because of this gorgeous in store only violet color!

I grabbed a size 4. It looks good in the pictures, but I remember wanting to size down at the time. This is a definite sale watch item. It's a tad low cut and high hemmed for the work place, but I could see myself walking around the city in this with a cute pair of brown leather sandals all summer! The tie waist hits just under the rib cage, making your legs look just a little longer (and leaner!) than they really are.

I wish the pictures did the color justice. It's such a vibrant purple. LOVE.

Next up was the Shoreline Stripe Dress. Adorable, but again- not for $78.

I grabbed an xsmall here due to the sizing (xxsmall-xlarge), and could definitely go up to the small since the dress fit very close (the top should blouson- and well. It simply didn't). The adjustable straps are great, but you're stuck going strapless here since it's essentially a long tank top. With no lining, I'm going to wait until this hits the $40 mark.

The heat is supposed to be more bearable today, but it's already steamy! I need to find some summer dresses stat!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! :)

    I am glad that you posted that you did these reviews over at JCA! You have a great blog here! (And it is fab that we have similar body types--I can purchase with confidence something that looks good on you knowing that it will suit me--yay!)

  2. Yay! I'm glad it helps :) a little side note- I adore your blog (it inspires a few shopping trips) and love seeing "real" body types. It's so much easier getting a gauge on clothes from another woman than the lovely JC models. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. beautiful the blue dress

  4. Ah hem... That fitting room looks familiar to me! Ive always wanted to know what people do as Im knocking on the other side of the door... lol! By the way... Im staying on :D


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