Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Champagne, Fireworks, and Self Modification. Bring on 2011!

It's that time again...the New Year! A chance for us to leave all the bad things in 2010 and start fresh in 2011. I usually set lofty goals that I can only maintain for 2-3 weeks before getting burned out, but I want to change that this year. Changing too many things at once is just a recipe for burnout, so I want to make a few tweaks here and there to make me more rounded have a better year in general.

I'm sure you've read dozens of lists so far, but here's mine anyway :)
  • Stay in touch better. My best girlfriends and I have come to the realization that we are far too comfortable not talking on a regular basis. My plan: take at least 20 minutes to email them each week. I write emails all day to my work colleagues, my mom, etc. I tweet a dozen times a day. Why not put some of that to good use?

  • Eat out less often. This one was thrown onto the table by the boy. We have one "date night" a week where we go out, but we were buying lunches 3-5x a week instead of making our own. I love to cook, so I want to add in to this one "make a new recipe each week" to get me back in front of the stove. (Hopefully, that will translate to more/better blog content too! haha)

  • Start working out again. My job pretty much requires that I be in good shape, yet I'm majorly slacking. The boy and I are joining the Y on January 1st (no signup fees!) and I'm getting back in the pool! I love swimming more than any other sport (yoga is a close second though) and want to start training for another triathlon asap.

  • Make my closet a "working closet". I've mentioned KendiEveryday before, and now she's doing a series on making your closet work for you. My style has evolved a ton from high school through college to now. Ever have those days where there is just "nothing to wear"? I'm there. EVERY DAY. So it's time for a change. I've purged a ton, but there is more to do. If anyone is a size 4-8 in bottoms and a small-medium on top, let me know!
So 4 resolutions and 12 months to complete them (Well, 5 if you count this one!). I'm not going to donate my closet and go to spin class every morning come Jan 1st (let the hangover die down first), but I am going to work towards completing each and every one in little baby steps. What are your Resolutions for 2011? If you have any tips on how to keep them, share please!

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