Friday, December 17, 2010

warming things up.

Our townhouse is around 110 years old and has a ton of character, even though the interior has been remodeled half a dozen times since. Exposed brick walls, fancy woodwork around window frames, and my first real fireplace since moving out of my parents' home. With Christmas around the corner, I'm especially excited about the last part.

I've already decorated the mantle, hung a wreath and picked out stockings for Riley, the boy, and myself, but there was something missing...

Since the house is older, we have no clue when the chimney has been cleaned last. Instead of being a fire risk, I think I am going to do a candle-scape instead of a roaring fire this year.

Christmas Fireplace from younghouselove, pillar candles in white fireplace from, rustic candles from Google images- unknown credit

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