Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New kid on the block...

One of my "New Year Resolutions" was to start my own little life blog. Since I'm a great procrastinator, I figured starting early would be the way to go!

Why start a blog? Partially because I'm inspired by others on the Blogger community and writing comments became more difficult. I wanted to say more! I'm not looking to become well known, make a ton of money and become the next "big blogger", I just want to have a little place to put it all out there.

My friend filled me in on the other reason: Blogs are a little bit narcissistic.
Heck, why not?

So this is my little red deck. Once it gets warmer, I plan on spending my afternoons outside on my own real deck- drinking chai lattes, making lists and hanging out with the adorable Riley (you'll meet her soon). But for now, I'll hang out here.

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