Monday, December 20, 2010

Jingle Bells and Nothing to Wear

This weekend was amazing! The boy and I hosted our first "grown up" party and it went fantastically. Great people, good food, and a fun White Elephant (alcohol themed so everyone got something, and not a Chia Pet!) Of course, we were so excited, we forgot to take pictures :( I need to be better with that!

The only problem- what to wear?! I had been running around non stop for the past week trying to get the food, drinks, and house together and never stopped to think about getting MYSELF together. Luckily, my sister came over an hour early, took over the kitchen and I found something hiding in my closet. I wish it were more festive though!

So Sunday, with the post party letdown, I got to looking at everyone else's holiday outfits. Pretty sparkles, cheery colors, and lots of boyfriend blazers over party dresses! Why didn't I think of that? Oh I know...I don't have a blazer. Then out of nowhere- Kendi over at KendiEveryday posts the cutest (on her) black blazer from Target!

Immediately the "must get" voice went off in my head. And get I did. Unfortunately, I am still not much of a blazer girl. Instead of looking chic, it looks like the $30 it cost. And none too flattering outside the dressing room.

Back it goes... but it made me think. What's your holiday party style?

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