Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to the Real World


I tried to bring a little sunshine back from Florida, but I think it ran away somewhere around Savannah, GA haha. Spring break was exactly what the boy, Riley and I needed, and I'm sad it's over. Luckily- Riley reminded me to take pictures so everyone could see what we were up to!

Long car rides are perfect for naps.

We went to Auburn (the boy is an alum) and toured the campus with friends (meet Isabel!)

Sunning by the pool

And hanging out with family (meet Guinness!)

The captain was kind enough to take us on a boat ride (Riley's first!)

One of the Captain's other boats, MeiMei
Somehow, I managed to not take pictures of any food. Mostly because it was all AMAZING! Authentic tamales, delicious tuna in downtown Naples, roasted Cuban pork, and cool ice cream to help escape the heat. On the drive back, we found the most amazing BBQ place right outside Savannah- Wiley's Championship BBQ. If you're hungry and driving down 95- this place it worth the 10 minute detour. The boy and I stuffed ourselves with sweet tea, fried pickles, and the BBQ sampler plus extra bones (ribs. mmmmmm). Not only was the food out of this world- the people (servers and patrons!) were the nicest :) Riley loved getting head scratches and belly rubs from other diners as they walked by.

Now, we're home and settled. We made a Costco run this morning and hit the gym (oh that was interesting). This week, I'm getting back into the real world and visiting a few wedding venues- I'm nervous!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Maybe a few of you are on Spring Break too :)

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