Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Nail Routine

Ever since the boy proposed, I've become very aware of the awful state I keep my nails in. A little bling can do that! Admittedly, I'm not kind to my hands- I work with them every day, slather them in hand sanitizer, and usually dig around in the dirt once or twice depending on what's going on. Now that I keep staring at my nails (and ring!), I've decided to start a little routine.

On our vacation, I had a chance to stop by the spa owned by my future MIL. She knows a TON about products and immediately handed me a bottle of CND Solar Oil Cuticle Treatment upon seeing my fried mitts. 
tiny bottle- big results!

I've used greasy cuticle oils in the past, but this one is phenomenal! It goes on with a brush applicator, smells lovely, and sinks in to my skin asap. I immediately saw results and also noticed when I stopped using it for a few days. Applying it takes only 20 seconds- definitely worth it!

I don't usually paint my nails- and when I do, I love dark vampy shades or fun brights. They are hard to maintain though, and usually my hands look a mess in 2 days flat. Instead, I've decided to embrace milky nudes that keep my nails looking shiny and fresh for days on end! Plus, you can't notice chips nearly as fast :)

A few favorites:
Essie's BBF Boy Best Friend (I like to call it Best Boyfriend!)

Essie's Hi Maintenance

OPI's Bubble Bath

OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy

Do you have any favorite "go to" easy nail tips?

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