Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 Days

If you walked into my house this morning, this is what you'd see:

No- I'm not going to file away the SI Swimsuit edition in a cute little binder. That's my new workout log :)

Both of these items showed up at my house last night, one by choice (the binder), and the other to taunt me. Yes, it's 30 days til spring break- and this girl needs to be in bikini shape!

The boy and I have spent the night designing workout plans (him the plans, me the cute way to organize them in my binder) to jumpstart our individual goals. Although it's my job to push others, I have the worst time motivating myself. Writing things down and seeing my motivator every night may be the push I need!

That. And the damn magazine sitting on the side table.

Who else is in?!

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