Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain Drops Falling on My Head...

Since the rain is coming down, I busted out some of my favorite pieces in BRIGHT happy colors to keep my mood up today :) 

Of course, some things in this set are just cute, and I don't have the exact item....but you get the idea.

The key piece here is my new Banana Republic Trench. There's nothing better on a rainy morning than feeling put together instead of being a drowned rat. Thanks to my fabulous Momma for adding this gorgeous piece to my collection!

Throw on some tall rain boots, a bright umbrella, and you're almost good to go. What's missing- COFFEE! Don't you love the travel tumbler? Modcloth has the cutest accessories- and this one would be the perfect vessel for my favorite Donut Shop (skim milk, one splenda please!).

How do you battle the rainy day blues?

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