Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovey Dovey

courtesy of the brilliant To My Wife

Happy Valentine's Day! I have to admit, even single, I have always loved Valentine's Day. If you grew up in our house, you would understand. It's not just the romance of it, but the pink, and the hearts (and the decorated bathrooms. Yes, my momma went there). My momma and daddy have always gone out of their way to make sure my sister and I always felt LOVED- every day of the year, but especially on my mom's favorite holiday.

Now that I have my own forever Valentine (mushtastic. gag if you want!), we keep things simple on the big day. Tonight, we'll exchange cards and little gifts (actually, only I will. He couldn't wait!) and make a sweet dinner for two.

The best gift this year (aside from the FANTASTIC trench my mom surprised me with!) is that the boy is back after a business conference :) Here's how I passed the time as a single girl this weekend...

Cheesecake frozen yogurt loaded with fresh fruit!

Some pretty irises to bring an early spring

Hanging out with puppies at the SPCA (for Kemi, not me!)

Lounging around with this goober. Waiting for the boy to come home!
I hope you have the happiest lovey dovey day! What are your special plans?

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