Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mani Update- Gone baby, gone.

Remember how I said I had a nail picking problem? Well, shortly after taking my Friday pictures, I was done for. Monday's are hard on a girl- ok?

The edge peeled up- so I pulled.

Then the nails were uneven- they needed a little help, right?

Before I knew it, I had bare, scratched up nails.

No pictures for the proof, but compared to other overlays, my nails aren't in bad shape. I'm pretty confident that taking the polish off with an acetone soak would have been easy and much more effective than scratching at my nail beds, but you live and you learn!

End thoughts: I'll do it again for a special occasion. We have a wedding and a few trips coming up in the next few months, so I'll try to be better about leaving my tips alone until then!

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