Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Becoming an Animal...maybe a kitten.

I can't walk up the stairs today.

Yesterday, I set up the TRX Suspension Trainer that we have in our fitness center. I absolutely LOVE the TRX for training, but I haven't used in in awhile. Since I am currently trying to kick start my workout habits (yes, still trying since the new year), I figured doing something fun and challenging would keep me interested and coming back for more!

Well, right now, it's keeping me from making it out of my office haha. My friend Kara is dedicated to taking care of her machine- her body. Daily, she dedicates herself to "becoming an animal". I think right now, I'm closer to a kitten haha. Baby steps, right?

The awesome thing about the TRX- it uses your body weight and forces you to activate your stabilizing muscles (I won't geek out and list them here). I like to use it during my core/leg training as part of a circuit. Yesterday, single leg TRX lunges are what got me...

What's that you ask? Here's a video of a studly personal trainer with great form!

I looked like that on the first set...not as pretty on the 2nd set, and by the 3rd set, my forward drive was not nearly there. BUT- I finished! And today, I got a reminder that my adductors have not been worked in about 2 solid months. Hi, muscles!

The good news? I can waddle up the stairs, and I can't wait to go back for more! Tomorrow, I am going to focus on core/upper body as well as try out a new "hamstring run". Fitness is all about finding what you love- and for me, that's resistance based workouts that challenge my whole body.

Where am I going to go from here? Wait and see what's in store next week :)

What's your fitness go to?

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