Saturday, May 21, 2011

The beginning of the end...

...of my savings account.

Yup. After a months long dry spell of nothing quite working, I am finding more reasons to spend money than ever. Today's kicker- The Ann Taylor Loft $25 sale.


Here's what jumped onto my radar.

Pintuck Hem Skirt in Chic Lime (and intense blue)

Animal Polka Dot Skirt- usually, animal prints scare me. This one is MAJOR approachable.

Velma Sandal in Bronze (in store, they have SUPER cute orange ones! I wonder if they still do...)

Of course, I just splurged (post birthday) on 2 pairs of sandals from Gilt and a bikini during JCrew's 20% off sale. Depending on how work goes today, this girl might just earn herself a pretty new skirt for being awesome! Not to mention I have a "staff get together" at my boss's home tonight. I have to look put together, right??

Have any sales foiled your savings account lately?

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