Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Working off the weekend

Hello Tuesday!

I hope you had a phenomenal Memorial Day weekend! Mine was full of family, big dinners, friends, and sunshine. Unfortunately, I think I had a little too much in the food category! Saturday night started out with a HUGE Chinese dinner with the boy's extended family. His dad's wife's family came into town from all over (including Taipei!) to visit each other. The result- a massive 8 course dinner that I couldn't recognize anything at haha. I wish I had taken pictures, but needless to say, I got adventurous!

The weekend continued with family BBQs and crab picking down in Chesapeake City. SALT OVERLOAD! I actually had a massive headache by Monday night from all the crab salty goodness paired with 90 degree temps.

I could eat these every stinking weekend.

Today, I had a little realization that my Tri is next Sunday. And I am NOT treating my body the way I should to get ready for it. I got back into spin class today and have been eating better (not fully "clean", but definitely better than what happened this weekend).

Of course, any good workout regimen requires motivation. Mine is a bikini. But it could very well be this sandwich.

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