Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CSA- Week 3

Happy Sunshiney Day! The rain/thunder/grossness has ended and I am so happy to have the sun back. Last night, I picked up our 3rd CSA share and dove right in!

Tuesday, May 24 - Half Share
1 Bunch Easter Egg Radishes - Certified Organic - Windy Hollow Organics
1 Bunch Red Scallions - Certified Organic - Windy Hollow Organics
1 Bunch Komatsuna - Certified Organic - Liberty Acres
1 Bag Baby Lettuce Mix - Certified Organic - Elm Tree Organics
1 Bunch Green Kale - Certified Organic - Autumn Blend Organics
1 Head Green Romaine Lettuce - Certified Organic - Riverview Organics
1 Pint Strawberries - Certified Organic -  Meadow Valley Organics, Sunset View Organics, Hillside Organic Acres, Sunrise Ridge Organics, or Maple Valley Organics

Usually, I pick up my share early in the day, before others have a chance to look through their boxes and "swap" an item out if it's not to their liking. Last night, I went later in the day for the first time- and boy was it worth it! I admittedly decided to be less adventurous this week and left the komatsuna for someone else to try. I just couldn't find a great recipe online in advance! Instead, I grabbed an extra bag of baby lettuce mix and sent it over to my momma's house (the bags were HUGE!).

STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!! I had to restrain myself from eating the entire adorable pint on my drive home. Actually, I wouldn't let myself even TRY one before the boy got home, knowing I would inhale the rest asap haha

Also, aren't these radishes gorgeous? I can't get enough of them-even after hating them when I was little! Give me some buttered french bread with sliced radishes and I'd be happy for days.

Have a happy Wednesday! 

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