Thursday, January 6, 2011

The family jewels on display

This is for my friend, Kemi. I went over to her adorable apartment last night to battle with the internet company, armed with some charm and a bottle of red. After completing my conquest (free installation? Thank you!), we toasted to victory and started talking about this and that. Somehow, we got to the topic of jewelry and she showed me her fantastic collection of rings, necklaces, and bracelets...all hidden away in a plastic box :(

It's something many girls struggle with. How do a keep my baubles safe and stored away without forgetting what I have? Since I'm in the process of decorating my own little dressing area (oooh, more on that soon!), I scoped out a few organization options for Kemi that I think will fit her style, keep things safe, and display her gorgeous collection like it should be!

First- bowls. The boy has come to terms that I love pretty bowls. Our kitchen is overflowing with them, all shapes and sizes. Of course, you can never have too many! I think small bowls are the perfect vessel to store chunky rings, pins, and the like.

Glass Jewelry Dish from Urban Outfitters

I have a slight obsession with ikat. This little bowl is perfection!
Ikat mini bowl from Anthropologie

Inside out bowl from Anthropologie

For longer necklaces, I love two separate options: Wall hooks and mounted decorative knobs.

This first jewelry rack is fantastic because it not only will keep delicate chains untangled, but you can hook earrings onto the lattice work.

Lattice Jewlery Hooks from Urban Outfitters

A series of hooks does the same. To customize this affordable but boring option, I would break out some spraypaint and go to town. 

Expandable hooks from Target

Choosing a series of decorative knobs is a favorite of mine. This can be hard for renters (big holes=small security deposit return), but I think mounting them on a strip of stained or painted wood to make a custom jewelry rack is a great alternative. Even better, find some reclaimed wood for a rustic feel!

I love these from World Market, they play off the mini ikat bowl perfectly without being matchy.

Ceramic Floral Knobs (set of 4) from World Market

Aged Zinnia Knob from Anthropologie
Granita Knob from Anthropologie
The options are endless, but I think a few of these would fit great into the vintage feel of Kemi's walk up.  

How do you keep your jewelry accessible and safe?

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