Monday, January 24, 2011

Lunch Break! Lean Cuisine Thai Style Noodles with Chicken

I try to bring my lunch to work more days than not, but I run into two obstacles: not enough time and boring food.

To combat the boring urge, I seek out yummy "hot meal" alternatives every time I am at the grocery store. Sometimes, it's a new soup. Other days I find a frozen entree that looks interesting. I try to keep it healthy, while remembering I need to be full and satisfied.

First up: Lean Cuisine's Thai Style Noodles with Chicken

From the "Spa Cuisine" line, this meal is described as being "Roasted chicken, whole wheat noodles, green beans & carrots in a creamy chili peanut sauce"

Looks decent on the box, no?

Nutrition information provided by Lean Cuisine

Since nothing comes out as pretty as it looks on the box, here's what I got:

Overall, not bad. There was an adequate amount of chicken provided and it was tender- not chewy. I like my pasta al dente, but finding that in frozen noodles is a daunting task. The whole wheat noodles weren't soggy, more of a soft texture. A pleasant surprise was the amount of veggies provided and their quality. They added a little bit of crunch (primarily the carrots) and were a highlight of the meal.

The claim that this is a "chili peanut sauce" was a little misleading. I was thinking I could get a nice little kick from the added chilis. It was more like the kick you get from a mild salsa. Still, the sauce had a nice flavor that avoided the cloying aftertaste of some Asian inspired meals. It was a bit thick and overpowering at times as well- although they did mention it was "creamy"!

For $2 on sale at the local Target- this one may visit my freezer again. To mix it up and add more texture, I paired it with some sliced cucumbers and a handful of Goldfish pretzel snacks on the side.

What's your favorite quick lunch?

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