Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was special. Somehow, some way, I had both Saturday and Sunday off. I think that happens about 3 times during the seasons, and it was totally unexpected!

The boy and I got a ton done on Saturday, so Sunday was dedicated to little projects we've been meaning to get to, relaxing, and enjoying time with the pupster.

To start, my favorite part of Sunday morning- the paper, a chai latte (here's how I make them at home), and my new favorite Chobani yogurt: Black Cherry!

I could read Sunday ads every day of the week haha

Since I had a little extra time, I hit up Target and Marshalls. What better way to fight the winter blues than some springy accessories?

These are screaming for bare legs and pink toes

Don't you wish this was a dress and not just an apron?

Today, I hit the ground running. With this week's forecast being ICE (ice baby haha), I'm not sure it's going to slow down a bit! Here's to hoping*

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