Monday, January 31, 2011

Love is in the air!

Happy Monday everyone!

This morning has kicked me in the butt. So to recover, I'm celebrating all things heart filled and lovey. Yes, it's 14 days till Valentine's Day. A commercial holiday, but it's my mom's FAVORITE. She decorates the house (including the bathroom), and it's like a pink and red hued Easter in the morning. Her love for all things amorous has rubbed off on me over the years too. I don't expect lavish gifts or a big event from the boy (we are making dinner at home and something sweet under $20)- but I love love giving pretty gifts. Especially to my momma and little sister!
Adorable coral flats

Pretty enough to wear to the table

Something fun and cuddly!

A sweet, delicate charm

A bag to carry stories around in

Make her sparkle and glow

Cold nights require cozy sheets

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