Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slushy Streets: I need to rant.

the roads and I feel about the same today
I usually try to keep my posts and thoughts positive...but I'm simply overwhelmed this morning. With the snow and ice, we got a 2 hour delay! Perfect, I'll be able to work on my HUGE project with an even bigger deadline.

Except that the dog won't stop barking. And eating things (like bills, my W2 form, and gift certificates). And barking again. 3 walks through the sleet and freezing rain...she's still barking. Look in the mirror- ugh, what is my hair DOING?

I walk into the kitchen because it sounds like the faucet is on. Surprise! It's not on, but the window sprung a leak. A big leak. Almost as big as that project that should have been started a half hour ago. Half a dozen towels, a barking dog, and 2 phone calls to my Daddy, it's under control. My blood pressure isn't.

So now I'm hiding in a coffee shop down the street. A large chai latte and my laptop. I'll take another few minutes to refocus my energy-and then on to that project that's now 2 hours behind.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Up next- I've done a few reviews on performance wear! I have to take pictures still, but they should be up and running by tomorrow (and they are FABULOUSLY positive)

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