Friday, January 14, 2011

Post Workout Beauty Routine: Hair

I think one of the hardest parts of getting to the gym is planning a block of time out in your schedule. Are you a morning person? A lunch break cardio girl? After work spin class junkie? For me, I prefer the morning to mid day workout since my workday extends a bit later than most.

But then there's the dilemma- I look gross.

Yup- scheduling a time to work out isn't hard, it's the workout THEN get re-dressed and primped time issue that I struggle with.

I don't think I'm the only one here- so I want to share my "post workout beauty routine" and maybe get some extra tips and tricks along the way!

Everyone swears by dry shampoo. I can't stand it. I'm pretty sure my hair reacts to just seeing the can out on the falls limp, gets greasier, and looks like I haven't washed in weeks. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Help!

I have 2 tactics here. If I had a moderate mid day workout with not too much sweat (rare), I spray my roots with hairspray, flip my head over, and dry upside down. The alcohol base sucks out the sweat, I get lift, and I swear it doesn't smell bad either. From there, I style it up or if I'm REALLY lucky, leave it down.

If I've had a great workout and look the part, my only option is to shower. Ugh. Since the time it takes to shower cuts down on virtually all other aspects of getting ready, I need to make my hair routine quick and dirty. Introducing my wet hair best friend: MoroccanOil. A dime sized amount of this argan infused serum makes my hair super soft and cuts airdrying time in half.

get it here

Afterward, I do a fishtail braid to keep my locks out of the way and looking office ready. I used to think it would be impossible to braid my hair this way, but I found an easy tutorial through BellaSugar and practiced on both wet and dry hair over a weekend. The result: a braid that looks complex, takes minutes, and can be made business appropriate or casual based on precision.

Do you struggle with the post workout clean up? What works best for you? 

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