Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nike Pro Combat Fitted V-Neck Review

Keeping in line with my New Year's Resolutions, the boy and I recently joined a nearby gym and got to work! It feels really good to get moving on a regular basis again, but what didn't feel good was a sweaty tshirt 15 minutes into my cardio routine. Something I've learned about myself over the years: if it doesn't feel good, I won't be motivated to do it. I'm not saying I don't love the burn of an amazing workout! I just don't like having chafed armpits from icky cotton.

So, to keep myself motivated and back in the fitness mindset, I went shopping (surprise!). My goal: find a few shirts and tanks that fit my performance wear needs.  First up, the Nike Pro Combat Fitted V Neck.

Nike Pro Combat Fitted V Neck in Red Plum

Awkward iPhone photo shoot in my mirror!

Fit- I bought my Nike standard medium. This is a great top for long torsoed girls out there. The length hit right below my hip. The term "fitted" can scare people off- especially at the beginning of a new fitness routine! Not to fear. The cut skims the body but is not "tight" by any means. If you prefer the discreteness of a standard tshirt cut, but want something more feminine, this is it. The v neckline and length of the short sleeves  are also pluses in my opinion. When doing core, I sometimes feel constricted by crew necks. This v neck isn't too low, but allows for a great range of motion.

Performance-  The DriFit material and flat seaming on this tee are phenomenal! I didn't experience any chafing under the arms (even with sleeves tucked in), or along the sides. Since the shirt has only light contact with the body cut, it naturally helps minimize hot spots, but the seaming around the neck was comfortable throughout my workout. The long length helped the shirt stay in place through both cardio and yoga workouts. A pet peeve of mine is having my tshirt bunched up around my armpits during down dog. Not with this shirt! It stayed in place (without being tight!) through sun salutations, planks to down dog series, and Riley trying to help me perfect my up dog (by laying toys across my back haha).  

The DriFit lived up to it's name (as always), but did have a small drawback: it stinks after awhile. This is pretty standard with performance fabrics and can be treated with the right detergents, but it certainly isn't glamorous or chic haha.

The only other con with this top- don't wear it in a cold gym if you don't have the proper sports bra. Another standard issue many** run into with performance fabrics is a little bit of "nippage" exposure, and this shirt is no exception. Since it is a tee with no built in bra liner, you're on your own here. 

**and by many, I mean me. ha.

Style-  Yes. It is very important to look cute when working out. Ha ok, not really- but you should feel good about what you're wearing!
The colors at my local sporting goods store were the red plum and royal you see here along with heather gray, safety yellow, and an electric mango. More can be found online. Each shirt has a contrast piping on the v neckline, a cute touch in my opinion.

Overall, I felt good and ready to work out when I put the Nike Pro Combat shirt on for the first time. Always a good sign!

Value- At only $25 a shirt (and lot's of coupons available online!), this shirt is a great value for how versatile and comfortable it can be. I will probably pick up more colors once the temperature rises and the new colorways roll out for spring. (I found a few colors for even less on Nike's site, but the sizes are limited).

note: I am not the best photographer. I am not even really a GOOD photographer. Hopefully, I'll get better, but thanks for not laughing at me too much!

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