Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here comes the snow! They're calling for 5-8 inches, so I'm preparing myself for a snowday...fingers crossed! Things on my to do list: shovel the walkway, take Riley down to the river, finish a bottle of red with Kemi, continue to decorate/organize my dressing room, and spend a few hours catching up on reality tv :) I nest during snow days- I love cozy layers, endless amounts of hot tea, and wrapping myself in multiple blankets. The easy way to dress is in the boy's sweatpants and a huge fleece- but I try to keep myself moderately presentable!

I could live in this cardigan all winter. It's oversized, wool, and makes wearing leggings acceptable. For snow hikes, I throw on my Merrels, but Hunter boots are perfect for shoveling snow and walking the puppy through the slushy city streets. 

Do you have a winter uniform? If you're in the north east, stay warm and safe!

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